Bamboo Hand Towel - Natural

Bamboo Hand Towel - Natural

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Bamboo has been praised as “The naturally green, eco-friendly textile material of the 21st Century.”

Bamboo thrives naturally without the use of pesticides. It is a natural cellulose fibre which is converted into yarns without the addition of chemicals, and is 100% biodegradable in soil by micro-organism and sunshine, causing no pollution to the environment.

The unique make-up of the Bamboo fibre gives it a moisture absorption rate three times that of Cotton. Bamboo fibre is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-static. 
Its natural antibiosis function keeps bacterium away so that it will not produce bad odours.

Our 'Bamboo' towels have an ultra-soft feel, yet own a high abrasion-proof capacity, making them extremely durable and hard wearing. They are woven using Bamboo for the pile (loops) and Cotton for the backing, giving a total fibre content of 60% Bamboo, and 40% Cotton by weight.

Care Instructions

Our towels come to you straight from the Loom, and it is essential that they are laundered before use, as they have not been subjected to any wet processes such as scouring, bleaching or dyeing after weaving.

Therefore, careful handling needs to be taken with your new Bamboo towel to prevent snagging of the loops (broken finger nails, rings, zips, etc.) prior to its first laundering, when the slight amount of shrinkage that takes place binds the loops more firmly into the cloth, making them ready for service. 

The towels should be laundered at 40°C (delicate wash), rinsed thoroughly, and then tumble dried if desired at a low to medium heat setting. We do not recommend the use of fabric softeners for towels, as they tend to block-up the holes in the fibres leading to reduced absorbency.

Weight: 550 GSM